Some New Beginings

I have decided to start biking to work as of late :). Not only will it help with weight management, but it’ll also help with cost reduction (100+/m) in gas!

My ride everyday to work is 8.5 kilometres ranging from bike lanes to back roads to trails. There’s nothing like having mud on your butt after a nice ride!

I’m lucky and have shower facilities at my work, so I get to look nice and refreshed by the time I get to my desk! I’ve entered into a ‘bike to work’ competition for June, ill know soon if I am a contestant so ill keep you all updated! In the mean time, I’ve taken a photo of my beautiful bike that was just purchased last weekend!

The ride is extremely smooth, maneuvers well on paved roads and on trails. I couldn’t have thought that biking to work would be so great! I’m addicted – its fun!


I’m gonna be heading to Pennsylvania next weekend – pretty stoked for it!! Going to see K Archer Custom Creations!

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Where’s Bender?


I often like to go out on random adventures! My brother gave me a shout on this sunny day and said “Hey! I found this cool thing with trucks all parked in a cool way!!! We need to go!” .  So I packed my camera, dropped the Fi at work, and then headed off on our adventure! Now. Trucks just wasn’t enough for me! I had to continue looking around, and I pulled to the side of the road to catch another view (that was fantastic on the eyes… but not so great on lens…. I never understand this! haha). My brother said “Hey! I know this place nearby – trust me” – I got nothing to lose! So we headed over to where this Bender is graffitied onto a Silo.  This is in Kitchener, Ontario :).  A photo of the barn itself just wasn’t good enough for me – SO I started to do a panorama.  I love panoramas and stitching manually 🙂 It’s a nice break from photo editing!!. Either way, do yourself a favor and enjoy this Panorama in full view 🙂

I hope you all have a super awesome day! 😀

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The Ice Day


The Weather today was very gloomy here in the K-W area, I only thought it fitting that I throw in a photo about this!  This is actually February 23rd’s background of the day, but I decided that it would be more fitting to post this today than a gorgeous sky.

We were said to have an ice day – meaning rain turning into ice, or freezing soon after it hits the ground.  I’ve experienced ice storms like this before, my most memorable one is the ice storm in 1998, trees were so heavy, they were bent over.  At the time I was living in New Brunswick, and my mother (who is the inspiration to my photography) was able to get some amazing photos of these trees.

I will go to bed tonight, but will start again tomorrow!

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The Begining – Day 1



To begin, I have been doing a ‘photo of the day’ Since the beginning of this year! I slacked off a little in February  but am slowly catching up by posting 2 photos per day.  So, attached above is my photo of the day!  I’ll call it, The beginning.


The Beginning:

In 2011, there was a tornado that caused a lot of destruction to Goderich (  This small town is still working on getting back on it’s feet.  I was impressed with the amount of new trees that have been planted and the progress the town has made in the small amount of time since the event.  I like to see things people don’t normally look at, and as I stood where a building once stood, I looked at it’s previously joined building and saw these anchor. I got closer to the building, tilted the camera up, and shot.  I liked what I got – Clear skies with a bit of a haunting memory.


I’m hoping to have the ability to not only post along with a comment on my daily background, but also interesting things about what’s going on! 

Enjoy and come back for more 🙂

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